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Getting Started: How Does Registration Work?

1. An email notification will be sent to parents on my email list announcing ISR Scoresby Swim Registration Day for the upcoming session.


2. An email with questions about your child and contact information, will be sent out on the Registration Day. You would then be contacted by ISR Scoresby Swim's Administrative Assistant in the order of when your email was received, It will be handled on a first come, first served basis.

3. A deposit per child will be required during registration to hold your time slot. This non-refundable deposit will go towards the last week of classes. Also a one time $15 non refundable admin fee (per family) will be required. DEPOSITS MUST BE RECEIVED IMMEDIATELY TO HOLD TIME SPOT.

4. There will also be a one time ISR National Registration Fee of $105 will be required before lessons start. This one-time fee covers your child’s registration with ISR, which includes a medical screening by ISR's Registration and Evaluation Team (RET) of medical professionals.

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